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International Journals
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International peer-reviewed Journals:

Oorthuis, R., Vaunat, J., Hürlimann, M., Lloret, A., Moya, J., Puig-Polo, C., Fraccica, A. (2021) Slope Orientation and Vegetation Effects on Soil Thermo-Hydraulic Behavior. An Experimental Study. Sustainability. 13(1):14.

 Furdada G, Victoriano A, Díez-Herrero A, Génova M, Guinau M, De las Heras Á, Palau RM, Hürlimann M, Khazaradze G, Casas JM, Margalef A, Pinyol J, González M. (2020) Flood Consequences of Land-Use Changes at a Ski Resort: Overcoming a Geomorphological Threshold (Portainé, Eastern Pyrenees, Iberian Peninsula). Water 12(2). 368.

Pastorello, R.; D'Agostino, V.; Hürlimann, M. (2020) Debris flow triggering characterization through a comparative analysis among different mountain catchments. CATENA. 186, 104348.


Conference Proceedings (only international):

Oorthuis, R., Hürlimann, M., Abancó, C., Moya, J., Lloret, A., Vaunat, J. (2020) Rainfall and soil moisture conditions for the triggering of torrential flows at the Rebaixader catchment (Central Pyrenees). EGU2020-427

Hürlimann, M., Medina, V., Guo, Z., Puig-Polo, C., Lloret, A., Vaunat, J. (2020) Impacts of future land cover and climate changes on landslide susceptibility. Results obtained from regional-scale modelling in the Pyrenees. EGU2020-9327.





PhD Theses:

R. Oorthuis (ongoing PhD and FPI-student of the project): Monitoring, analysis and modelling of soil-vegetation-atmosphere interactions at slope and catchment scale. UPC

J. Sánchez Fornia (ongoing PhD): Análisis regional de la peligrosidad asociada al deslizamiento de laderas mediante el uso de macro elemento. UPC.




MSc and BSc Theses: